Certification (declaring) of building materials is a procedure that indicates that these materials and products comply with the technical regulations, are of high quality and do not threaten population health and life.

As is the case with other products, both voluntary and mandatory certification (declaring) can be carried out for building materials.

On the territory of the Republic of Belarus most building materials must undergo certification (declaring) to confirm the technical safety of a product. Working without a certificate (declaration) is a huge and unjustified risk for any company.

In case your products are not subject to mandatory certification, you can undergo the procedure on a voluntary basis to improve your reputation and increase your competitiveness. This will allow you to significantly strengthen your position in the market and win over new customers.

Stages of certification for building products:

  1. Submission of documents;
  2. Consideration of documents;
  3. Selection of a certification scheme;
  4. Selection of samples for testing;
  5. Laboratory research of products;
  6. Production analysis;
  7. Making a decision on issuing a certificate.

Actually, this procedure is similar to obtaining certificates for other products and the only difference is in the package of documents.

To undergo the procedure, you need the following package of documents:

  • documents on the quality of materials issued by an accredited laboratory;
  • operational, technical documentation.

The list can be supplemented depending on the classification of the goods, therefore, it is important not to miss a single detail even at the initial stage. This can turn into a real challenge without deep knowledge and experience. That is why most companies use the help of professionals, in particular, the BELVIAT customs agency.

Certification of building materials with BELVIAT

We guarantee full support of our clients from the beginning of the certification procedure (declaring) to the receipt of a certificate (declaration).

With the help of our experts you will quickly complete all the necessary documents for this complex procedure.

Fast terms. Now the certification process has become easier, because we cooperate with many accredited laboratories, which will conduct sample studies in the shortest possible time.

Flexible prices. The cost of the service is calculated individually

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