Customs agency BELVIAT

Customs agency BELVIAT was founded on December 7, 1993. For 27 years our company have been helping businesses in one of the most important aspects of foreign economic activity – customs clearance of goods. BELVIAT acts on behalf of the business community in the state customs authorities, representing the interests of our partners. Everyone who is engaged in foreign economic activity is well aware of how specific its conditions can be. Literally every day new legal acts are adopted, international trade agreements are concluded, the approach to the import and export of goods is changing. This has become especially evident in recent years, with the transition to electronic circulation and digitalization of all processes. The rules change, but one thing remains the same. The BELVIAT company is always aware of all the latest updates and legislative initiatives. Our task is to conduct customs clearance of deliveries of our partners as soon as possible.

The business motto of our agency is “Opening Borders”. This is how we define the main goal of our activity. Every day dozens of BELVIAT partners import a huge amount of goods to the territory of the Republic of Belarus or export them to other countries. For a supplier, there is nothing more unpleasant than a cargo stuck at a customs clearance point. Therefore, our work is structured in such a way that your supplies won’t encounter any borders and barriers.

It doesn’t matter how you transport your products – by truck, rail or air. For your convenience, representative offices of BELVIAT are open in Minsk, Grodno, Brest. But the scope of our activities is not limited only to these cities. The company carries out the declaring of goods at any points of customs clearance in Belarus. We provide a wide range of customs services: clearance for domestic consumption (import), re-import, temporary import, bonded warehouse, export, re-export, processing on and outside the customs territory, temporary export. In addition, the BELVIAT company has a certification department. If your products need to obtain a declaration, certificate or other document confirming compliance with the technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union or national mandatory requirements, our specialists will provide professional assistance in preparing the necessary package of documents for submission to state-accredited certification bodies. Also, with the help of our company individuals can register vehicles for personal use, as well as make payments of the recycling fee.

Our team consists of more than two dozen experienced and highly qualified professionals. By contacting our company, you transfer the customs declaration of goods into safe hands. Contact us!