Any products and goods must meet certain standards and requirements. The accredited agencies carry out the product certification procedure measuring compliance with those requirements.  It can be carried out in 2 forms – voluntary and mandatory. The customs agency BELVIAT provides qualified support services for products certification in the Republic of Belarus.

Voluntary certification is carried out at the discretion of the company, importing goods, to confirm their quality.

Mandatory certification of products in the Republic of Belarus is carried out to confirm the properties for those categories of goods, that, if of inadequate quality, can harm people. Certification of imported products has one main goal – to ensure the safety of the product for property, human health, the natural environment, protect the Belarusian market from unsafe and low-quality merchandise.

The procedure of obtaining a certificate of conformity

Product certification is a time-consuming and complicated procedure, which requires thorough preparations and good knowledge of the Belarusian legislation.

There are two types of certification:

  • Batch certification
  • Certification for serial production.

But, in fact, the stages of the procedure do not depend on the certification type and include:

  1. Submission of an application and documents;
  2. Consideration of the application;
  3. Technical normative legal acts analysis;
  4. Sampling, product identification;
  5. Product testing;
  6. Production analysis.

After testing full compliance with all standards and norms, an importer receives a certificate of conformity, which period of validity can be up to 7 years (depending on the imported goods). Each certificate is registered in the National Register. In Belarus state structures carry out posterior control of certified products.

How is product certification carried out in the Republic of Belarus?

Like with any other procedure, for obtaining a certificate of conformity an importer should begin with the preparation and execution of documents.

The following package of documents is required to obtain a certificate of conformity: *

  • application for product certification;
  • copies of documents confirming the origin of the goods (from what country they are supplied), as well as all shipping documentation;
  • technical and operational documents;
  • testing samples acts;
  • documents confirming the safety of the goods (if any).

* documents may vary depending on the requirements of a specific technical regulation. Contact our specialists for a consultation.

Product conformity certification can also be carried out in the other way. In Belarus the certificates of conformity obtained in any country of the Eurasian Economic Union are recognized. This rule does not apply to other foreign countries.

For companies that only vaguely imagine the certification procedure and are aware of its complexity and duration, we recommend contacting BELVIAT. Our experienced specialists will help preparing all the necessary documents to confirm the quality of your products and obtain a certificate of conformity.

For which products should an importer obtain a mandatory certificate of conformity?

You can view the list of goods that are subject to conformity certification here.

What are the benefits of a certificate of conformity for your companies?

If your products are subject to mandatory certification, after receiving a certificate of conformity you will be able to deal in certified goods in the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union without hindrance, and if you obtained voluntary certification, you will be able to prove your competitiveness in the market and to master new markets.

In any case, product certification is not just a document, but recognition of the quality of your products in the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union.

Among the many companies accompanying certification services, the customs agency BELVIAT is one of the most reliable.

A team of professionals will quickly and competently handle the preparation of the necessary documents and, most importantly, save your time and effort. Thanks to the help of our specialist, you can protect yourself from tons of paperwork.

The Eurasian Economic Union certificate of conformity open new opportunities for your business.

Contact our specialists and you will understand that certification procedures can be quick and easy.