The quality of any goods must satisfy all the necessary requirements and prescribed standards. Therefore, such a procedure as the declaring of conformity is applied for products evaluation in the Republic of Belarus and the countries of the Eurasian economic union. It is carried out by the applicant (importer) basing on the results of laboratory tests and is registered by an accredited certification agency. The applicant is responsible for all the stated information.

This procedure is in many ways similar to certification, and the received document has the same legal force as the certificate of conformity.

Declaration of Conformity is a documentary confirmation of the product conformity to technical standards and legal acts. Products, for which this form of conformity confirmation is established in the technical regulations, is subject to the mandatory declaration.

What products are subject to the mandatory passage of this procedure?

You can view the list of the goods that are subject to conformity certification here.

How to register a declaration of conformity for a product?

In the Republic of Belarus the registration of this procedure is carried out in such stages:

  1. Compilation and approval of a declaration;
  2. Registration of a document in the special register.

A declaration is accepted for the period specified in the technical regulations. If the exact terms are not defined, a declaration is accepted for the period:

  • for serial production – up to 5 years;
  • for a batch of products or a single product – for the period of validity or sale of goods.

How is the procedure carried out?

Declaring includes the following procedures:

  1. Рreparation and analysis of technical documentation;
  2. Implementation of production control;
  3. Testing of samples;
  4. Approval and registration of a declaration of conformity;
  5. Application of the single mark of production circulation at the market of member-states of the Customs Union.

In the case of declaring of a batch of products, production control is not a mandatory stage.

Required documents

  • An application for the mandatory declaration of conformity of goods;
  • Documents that enable the applicant to submit a declaration (registration of a legal entity, contract, shipping documents, etc.)
  • Technical documentation for a product

* documents may vary depending on the kind of a product. Contact our specialists for a consultation.

In the Republic of Belarus declaring of conformity is a difficult procedure that requires the applicant’s special knowledge and experience. Any mistake here can result in a waste of precious time.

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