Customs clearance is a set of measures that any cargo and goods are required to pass when moving across the customs borders of Belarus (as a member of the Eurasian Economic Union) during their import and export, regardless of the method of transportation of the cargo. A cargo owner must submit to the state customs authorities a correctly and competently completed declaration for goods and a set of documents confirming the correctness of the stated information. Inaccuracies in filling out the documents are fraught with unpleasant financial consequences from protracted cargo keeping in the temporary storage warehouse to fines in accordance with the legislation of the Eurasian Economic Union.

For many years BELVIAT specialists have been providing services to hundreds of companies in customs clearance of goods and vehicles, declaring, obtaining certificates and declarations of conformity. We make the implementation of foreign economic activity easier.

Qualified services. The average work experience of our specialists is over 10 years.

Customs clearance and release of cargo from the temporary storage warehouse as soon as possible. BELVIAT customs brokers work quickly and efficiently.

Consultations on import and export issues. We are always aware of the legislative aspects and “pitfalls” of goods declaring.

Clearance of goods arriving by any type of transport in the territory of the Republic of Belarus (by road, air, railroad or combined transport).

Remote customs clearance. All work with us is carried out electronically – you save your time.

English speaking customs representatives.

Import customs clearance

Usually, goods are imported for the purpose of free circulation (for domestic consumption). Customs release declaration must be submitted so that goods can be freely used on the territory of Belarus and the EAEU.

To submit this type of customs declaration, the following documents are required:

  • Contract
  • Invoice or Invoice Proforma
  • Bill of lading (depending on the type of transport, this can be Air Waybill, CMR or Rail Waybill)

Sometimes additional documents may also be required:

  • Contract Appendices, if they contain information essential for registration.
  • Information about transaction registration in the case, when a contract is concluded for an amount exceeding 3000 euros.
  • Packing Lists in the case, when it is impossible to establish the net weight of goods from the shipping documents.
  • Certificates or declarations of conformity, if products subject to mandatory certification under the EAEU legislation.
  • Bill for transportation, insurance, loading / unloading in accordance with the terms of delivery specified in the contract.
  • Documents confirming the price of the goods (export declarations, assessment by experts of the Chamber of Commerce, etc.) Also documents confirming benefits and preferences, if any.

These documents can be provided in the form of certified papers or electronic copies. Exceptions are certificates and declarations of conformity, as well as documents confirming benefits and preferences. They must be submitted to the customs clearance authorities only in the prescribed certified paper form.

On the basis of the provided documents, BELVIAT specialists calculate customs payments and, after paying them, submit a declaration. In most cases, the presence of your representative at the customs terminal is not required. After considering the declared information, customs officials make a decision on the release of the goods. In certain cases, they may conduct customs inspection of the cargo or request additional documents.

Export customs clearance

The customs export procedure (export of goods from the territory of the Republic of Belarus) is carried out according to facilitated regulations. Usually, the following documents are required to submit an export:

  • Contract
  • Invoice or Invoice Proforma
  • Bill of lading (depending on the type of transport, this can be Air Waybill, CMR or Rail Waybill)
  • Loading Act (confirming the absence of extraneous attachments)

As well as information about the net weight of goods.

The export procedure is completed faster and, as a rule, does not require any additional information to be submitted to customs.

BELVIAT company carries out the registration of procedures for temporary import and export, re-export and re-import, customs warehouse, processing outside and in the customs territory of Belarus (EAEU), etc.

We guarantee full support of our clients from collecting documents to the release of the cargo from the customs zone.

Entrust the work with your cargo to the specialists of BELVIAT company and you will understand what fast and safe customs clearance means.