А business related to foreign trade is impossible without the implementation of a whole range of customs operations. It goes without saying that they must be carried out quickly and competently. Any delay at customs is fraught with monetary and time losses.

The aid of a professional customs broker will become a great help in foreign trade activities. A broker is an official representative who receives the rights to conduct customs operations on behalf of a customer.

The range of his services is wide. They are related to such aspects as customs clearance (submission of different types of declarations; carrying out cargo classifications based on the TN VED of the Eurasian Economic Union, etc.), statistical declaring, calculation of customs payments, registration of transit cargo.

What actions does a customs representative carry out?

  • submits a declaration and additional documents, if they are required
  • calculates and optimizes costs for customs clearance of goods
  • specifies what additional documents are needed, in accordance with the current law regulations for the prompt passage of the borders
  • calculates rates of import / export duties for a specific product

What does it mean to be a highly qualified customs broker in Belarus?

Belarus is going through a period of regular changes in the approach to customs clearance of imported goods. This is happening due to the need of unifying procedures both with European countries, in accordance with the concluded agreements, and with the neighbors in the Eurasian Economic Union. This year and subsequent ones will be rich in changes in regulatory and legislative acts. Therefore, a customs clearance professional should always be aware of the latest legislative changes. He follows the latest updates on the documents that regulates the import or export procedures. And, of course, regularly takes refresher courses.

Why many companies have become our regular customers?

The answer is simple – BELVIAT specialists are the real professionals in the sphere of customs clearance. Our brokers:

Accumulate experience through years of practice

Conduct consultations on all necessary issues

Study the latest legislative changes

Provide a wide range of services. For example, in addition to customs clearance, you can order product certification.

Pass special educational courses

Contact us and you will understand that customs clearance can be quick and simple!